The time always fly when we are in Brazil. We visit family, friends and then it‘s already time to go back.

But we managed to visit at least one main attraction: the Sugar Loaf. The kids couldn’t remember our last visit as they were too small. Now they enjoyed and hopefully will take some good remembrance from this day. Even if they complain it was too hot 🥵 

Many people think it gets boring to go there after you visited it several times, but for me it’s always a pleasure. I enjoy the view and from there up seems Rio is just a perfect city. You manage to forget all problems and criminality.

This year the cable car which connects the ground with the top of the Sugar Loaf is celebrating 110 years of service. Of course many things changed and got more modern since then, but it was amazing to see the exposition they had about the construction of it. And to our surprise, it was a german company which developed and installed the equipments in Rio.