The kids have 2 weeks free from school (Whitsun holidays) and we both need to work. What shall we do? Before Covid this was a huge challenge and the family was doomed to stay at home and try to entertain the kids inside your own 4 walls.

But Covid brought us some positive changes as well: workation is a new way of life. We can work remote from somewhere in the world while the kids can maybe enjoy a pool and play somewhere else. Win-win for everybody. That’s why we decided to run away from Germany, where the weather is still not the best (ok, it´s getting better but people are already satisfied with 23C) and go to a warmer place.

Italy was no option for me (too full, too dirty, too messy, too annoying). Croatia would have been nice but the water is quite cold there. So we decided to try the french coast. We weren’t there since ages (way before the kids) and hope to find some nice sunny days. As we would need to drive about 10h until there, we decided to split the way in 2 days. Like that is less tiring and we still can enjoy and visit other places.

Our first stop was Brecia, in Italy (yes, we couldn’t avoid to pass through the country). Theoretically it would take us just 5h to reach there, but as whole Germany and Austria seemed to go to the Lake of Garda, we delayed almost the double of the time! (Understand my hate for the country?)

Anyway, we did the best out of it. We stopped in the Brenner Outlet to do some shopping and also spent some hours in Verona to visit Giulia’s home and eat an ice. Let’s hope for less traffic now…