After 3 long pandemic and chaotic years we finally managed to go visiting my family in Brazil. We even requested 1 day leave by the kids’ school, so that we could start already on friday. We left Germany in a cold rainy day…typically April.

We were glad that now Lufthansa offers a direct flight from Munich to Rio.

12h flight, during the day (starting 12:15 and arriving 19:15h local time – midnight for the european time). It was the first time flying by day and it was nice to see the view but after hours and hours watching films and looking out of the window, it seemed like the time wouldn’t pass. It was a never ending trip.

But we can’t really complain. We arrived and are enjoying the time with the family.

Sun, almost 30C, good food, family around…all necessary to recharge our energies. ☀️


  • Vivi

    April 19, 2022

    Não há nada melhor do que estar em família e recarregar a energia 🙂

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